Real Estate Investing 101 – Advertising Sellers & Opportunities

It’s possible to magnetically attract sellers to you through the use of proven marketing methods and techniques using ads and concepts that work. Not theory, but fact. The term “magnetically attracting sellers to you” is used because the idea with your marketing is to draw prospects into your funnel, that is, to bring them TO YOU.

A lot of marketers hunt down customers like prey. As long as you are chasing the prey down, hunting them like a rabid wolf, they will run from you.

Your goal, the objective of your marketing, is to create messages that draw sellers, buyers, lenders, etc. to you. Let them hunt for you, instead of you chasing after them.
Once you understand this concept, your success will increase dramatically in this business and in many other aspects of your life as well if you apply this principal.
For review, here are the steps for good marketing:

1. Select your Target
2. Craft a message that will appeal to your target
3. Offer an incentive for your audience to take action
4. Get your ads in front of as many of your intended targets as you can, as many times as possible, using as many ways and methods as are available to you.
5. Follow up, follow up, follow up (preferably automatically).
The one constant truth about getting results and increasing response is: Repetition. Repetition. Repetition.
Most direct marketers will agree that it takes 7 to 13 exposures to get results! Ouch! That does not mean that you won’t get results from your first mailing, it just means that you should not expect to.
Most direct mail campaigns are very happy if they get a 1% or 2% response. That means that only one or two prospects out of every one hundred will respond to your marketing!
When you are making an offer to a prospect there are a number of tricks you can learn. One you can use is the “Full Price” statement for residential offers. What is a “Full Price?” In your view, it is your Full price offer, not necessarily the “Fair Market Value” of a property or the “Top Retail Price”, just my “Full Price” offer, based on my own criteria.

Try to get the Seller as much as you can, provided that the investment falls into your personal criteria for buying whatever type of property your making an offer on and what the market is doing where the property is located. Never give anything without getting something in return.
If the seller wants an additional $5k, get another year on the lease. If the seller wants to close two weeks early ask for a discount of $2500. Just remember, NOTHING is free. “This for That” as they say.