Make Money With No Investment Down

Here is the simplest and easiest way to make money with no investment. Assuming you have connection to the Internet here, the technique I’ll be discussing here is article marketing. How would you like to be paid handsomely for the content you produce on the Internet?

Remembering, this is a totally free method. You will need a few different website to work with, just to get you off the ground.

Firstly, find a topic that interests you and find a product to promote. So, for example if you’re into writing about weight loss topics, then what you would do is go the website Clickbank. Clickbank is a site that allows people to publish books on how you can lose weight for example.

These books are in digital formats, and therefore can be sold and downloaded by customers immediately giving you commission anywhere from 50% to 75% of the sale price.

Once you find the program you’d like to promote, they’ll usually have and affiliate program area, which will help you to sell the product, so sign up for that and get as much as advice as possible to start promoting.

Second, start promoting. By signing up to free article submission sites, such as this one (EzineArticles), you can write informative articles that link back to the product you’re trying to promote. Basically you would write articles that would give advice on a solution to a problem and then refer them to a product that could help them out more.

The best part of this method is that just one article can create you recurring income for life, just imagine if you where to have more than one, creating you income for life! There are many article submission sites available and all you have to do is search Google. However here is a list of few to start off with – EzineArticles, Articlebase, Articledasboard, AssociatedContent and GoArticles.

Another make money with no investment method of promoting your affiliate link (or product) is to find free classified website, and post information regarding your product and how it can help people. Once they find your ad attractive they will click through to the product page that you’re promoting, and possibly buy the product that you recommend.

These are two of the simplest ways to make money with no investment necessary, via the Internet. The idea would be to start with free methods of generating income and then reinvest your profits into paid marketing methods, enabling you to become more successful in a shorter time span. However for the time being, starting with the article marketing method can be highly profitable.